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Crystal Facial Roller- Jade

Crystal Facial Roller- Jade

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Amp up your high vibrational beauty ritual with this skincare tool. Gently roll across your face to relax and massage muscles, promote blood circulation, & lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness, release sinus pressure & headaches, and improve overall skin tone.


 Use alone or in conjunction with your skin care routine.

For an extra cooling experience, we recommend placing your crystal facial roller in the fridge.

How to Use:


  • Start in the middle of the face and roll outward across the cheeks.
  • Move to the eyebrows and roll upward across the forehead.
  • Move below the lower lip and roll downward across the chin.


    Please note that due to the unique and handcrafted nature of our product variation in color, shape, and size should be expected. This photo is not intended to represent the actual product you will receive.

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